Natural Pruning

From removing dead branches, improving the structure and looking after disease issues, natural pruning is essential to maintaining the health and growth of your trees. By removing these sections, the strongest parts are able to grow stronger. With a bit of regular skilled care and maintenance, your trees can not only look like they've been there forever, you can actually be sure they'll last a long time as well. 

An image of two trees with natural pruning in a backyard
An image of an Arborest worker taking care of the small details on pruning
An image of a tree lined street in the fall
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Key Benefits of the Service

Pruning in any form is key to the long term, sustainable growth and health of the trees, shrubs and hedges on your property. Using the knowledge of our highly trained and skilled staff, you can be sure that the service we provide will lead to the best outcomes for your trees, shrubs and hedges.

  Work is performed by hand as much as possible to reduce noise pollution
  Your property value increases with well-cared for trees, shrubs and hedges
 Aesthetic beauty that improves with age
  Certified and insured arborists
  Our staff are committed to personal growth with continued training

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