Tree, Shrub and Hedge Planting

Expert Tree Care starts before your trees, shrubs and hedges even go into the ground. From prepping the soil before planting, to optimal hole depth, to planting to fertilizing, we offer a complete planting solution that will guarantee your trees, shrubs and hedges get the best start possible. Need a bit of assistance in determining what's going to work best for your property? We also offer consulting services to help you get the most out of your plan.

We work with the fine people at Bow Point Nursery, a company we have trusted for decades to supply our clients with healthy trees, shrubs and hedges of all types.

An image of an Arborest employee with a ready to plant tree
An image of an Arborest employee on his knees planting smaller trees and shrubs
An image of newly planted trees with tools in front.
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Key Benefits of the Service

Whether adding a hedgeline at the edge of your property or dozens of trees throughout your commercial property, The Arborest works with you to get the best start for your new additions.

  Hand tools/experience ensure little disruption to your community and business
  Property value increases with a well-maintained property
 Aesthetic beauty creates an environment people want to live and work in
  Certified and insured arborists are committed to the best service
  Get your trees, shrubs and hedges the best start possible

Planting Inquiry

Contact us today to let us know what you're looking to plant and how we can help!