Advanced Arboriculture
10:23pm - 01/Jan/2011
Basic pruning techniques can be applied to most species, but that being said each tree should be pruned based on its needs. If a tree is sick the tree will be pruned differently then if it is thriving. Advanced Arboriculture would consist of pruning techniques more for design or affect purposes. These purposes may revolve around a theme or cultural interest such as a Japanese garden. Shapes and varying sizes are used to create affects within the garden. These techniques can also manipulate flushes of spring flowers and fruit production. Ornamental shaping means to prune a tree to provide a formal shape. This technique is especially useful for spruce and crabapple that have outgrown their original space. Ornamental shaping provides a unique and attractive landscape form. Advanced arboriculture takes a great deal of training and mentorship to learn. Typically it takes twice the time to prune the tree because the tree would be fully pruned to meet the basic standards and then the shaping would be completed. To retain the formal or groomed look the tree would need to be pruned more often as well. Shaped trees and naturally pruned trees within a garden offer a interesting contrast and variety of forms. A basic garden can be transformed into a sanctuary after a complete yard renovation from the Arborest Expert Tree Service Ltd. 

Hedging can be overlooked as a fantastic way to add interest and divide properties. A well groomed hedge makes the property look kept. A perfect line always catches peoples attention and will add value to your property. Typically I recommend cutting the hedge by hand because you will get the perfect result. The plant will not brown off and will resist disease problems because a clean cut will seal faster. We have been providing quality tree care in calgary since 1979.

Keegan Seward, Certified Arborist, Tree Care Specielist
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