Tree Planting and Landscaping tips in Calgary
1:39am - 09/Feb/2012
Whether you’re planting one tree in your yard yourself or hiring a contractor to installa complete landscape, the trees and shrubs can be one of the most important and costlyfeatures. This is why it’s so important to do it right the first time. If done correctly youwill achieve a healthy thriving landscape sooner then you would think.
One of my favorite things to do as a certified arborist in Calgary is assess the treesthroughout private gardens. I get the opportunity to walk through yards in every n
Tree Care
9:03pm - 02/Jan/2011
What is tree care?

Plant health care or tree care involves all the different aspects of growing and maintaining healthy woody plants. All plants need certain elements to thrive within its environment. Different species have different requirements, but they must meet the needs of that tree or shrub to thrive. The basic needs consist of light, oxygen and water. Adequate space is also important. The urban environment can be a harsh place to grow trees and shrubs. Trees and shrubs need to be cared for if
Advanced Arboriculture
10:23pm - 01/Jan/2011
Basic pruning techniques can be applied to most species, but that being said each tree should be pruned based on its needs. If a tree is sick the tree will be pruned differently then if it is thriving. Advanced Arboriculture would consist of pruning techniques more for design or affect purposes. These purposes may revolve around a theme or cultural interest such as a Japanese garden. Shapes and varying sizes are used to create affects within the garden. These techniques can also manipulate flushes of spring
Tree Pruning
9:10pm - 28/Dec/2010
Why do we prune trees?
Trees are pruned in the urban landscape for a number of different reasons. Typically an arborist is called when there is a perceived problem with a tree. It might be a health issue, a pest problem or maybe the tree is starting to out grow its space. A certified arborist can identify the problem and recommend a solution. Basic tree maintenance would include the removal of deadwood, this improves the aesthetic appearance of the tree and reduces a potential for pathogens. Pruning a tr


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